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~READ EBOOK ⚒ Every Moment After ♞ Best Friends Matt And Cole Grapple With Their Changing Relationships During The Summer After High School In This Impactful, Evocative Story About Growing Up And Moving On From A Traumatic Past Surviving Was Just The Beginning Eleven Years After A Shooting Rocked The Small Town Of East Ridge, New Jersey And Left Eighteen First Graders In Their Classroom Dead, Survivors And Recent High School Graduates Matt Simpson And Cole Hewitt Are Still Navigating Their Guilt And Trying To Move Beyond The Shadow Of Their Town S Grief Will Cole And Matt Ever Be Able To Truly Leave The Ghosts Of East Ridge Behind Do They Even Want To As They Grapple With Changing Relationships, Falling In Love, And Growing Apart, These Two Friends Must Face The Question Of How To Move On And Truly Begin Living Cole and his best friend Matt are part of that class You know, the one a shooter killed seventeen kids and their principal Now they re graduating with eighteen empty chairs draped in black Matt feels guilty for being home sick from his diabetes, is self destructive and tacitly suicidal, acts like a jerk sometimes and is thoughtful and kind Cole was the boy in the picture than won the prize for best photo of the year, stone faced, covered in blood, carried out by the cop He still has PTSD, is grieving the recent loss of his father from cancer and desperately wants to ask Viola out.Joseph Moldover hits the right notes of mental illness, without naming the conditions Cole had therapy in the past but Matt is the one who played Russian Roulette with his diabetes Several of his stunts could have killed him and I wondered whether he d survive the book.Told from Cole s and Matt s points of view, I was able to see the impact each had on the other Both young men grew throughout EVERY MOMENT AFTER, though at times I wasn t certain which way Matt was headed His part of the story ended too quickly for me.EVERY MOMENT AFTER is a sobering look at the aftermath of a school shooting eleven years later. I had the unique opportunity to be an early reader for this amazing novel by Joe Moldover Moldover has created a story that captures the lasting impact of what it means to be a survivor of a school shooting and the legacy that imparts on an entire community The story is told in the two voices of Cole and Matttwo graduating seniors who survived a school shooting in elementary school Moldover portrays both individual voices with incredible authenticity while also showing the depth of their shared friendship and the tragedy that connects them However, this book does not dwell in this place of loss the story unfolds as the two main characters are graduating years after the shooting and embarking on the first tentative steps of what it will mean to navigate the world as young adults Both Cole and Matt struggle to find their best path don t want to spoil anything, so that is all I will say here , but find that their friendship is a critical source of support and solid ground when they both need it the most This portrayal of male friendship is one of the most positive I have seen in contemporary YA literature and is an inspiring foundation to the entire story I highly recommend this novel to both adult and YA readers it will be one that stays you. I don t usually read YA, but I got an advance copy of this book, and the description just got to me right away The premise of the story what happens to the kids left behind after a school shooting was powerful and original The topic couldn t besensitive, but I m both happy and relieved to say, the author pulled it off You get your heart strings pulled, and you get to seriously engage a topic in a safe way.Rest assured the school shooting isn t presented in detail It happened years before, and there isn t even a single scene of it in the book, though it haunts all the characters in their own unique ways.The author finds a way to approach this highly important and necessary topic in an indirect, refracted way, so it allows the reader to think about it, without having to experience it head on Hopefully this book will help broaden the discussion of this subject nationally, and perhaps even give younger readers a safe framework in which they can address gun violence, and our tragic epidemic of school shooters.My understanding is that the author is also a child psychologist which probably helped him navigate this delicate matter.Well done. Every Moment After follows the story of two teenage boys, Matt and Cole, in the summer after their high school graduation When they were in first grade eighteen of their classmates were killed in a school shooting In the summer after their senior year they re still navigating guilt, grief, and what it means to move on This was an interesting take on a school shooting story that I haven t seen before Most of the other books I ve read take place during the shooting itself or maybe one or two years later So seeing this story set eleven years after the shooting was a welcome difference I think the book does a good job of showing lingering trauma and how an event like this has ripple effects that continue to impact the town and the people in it I thought that Matt and Cole were two well fleshed out characters with their own voices I thought that their reactions and feelings about the shooting were all believable Matt has a great sense of guilt because he stayed home sick the day of the shooting and he feels like maybe he wasn t supposed to live Cole survived the shooting but has no memories of the event itself, but he has to deal with being the boy in the picture that made him the poster child of the shooting My two complaints about this book are that it was a little bit longer than it needed to be and that the romance didn t seem necessary I think if the book was shortened and focusedon Matt and Cole and their journey in figuring out how to try and move on, it would ve been better Overall I enjoyed this book a lot I think it brings something different to the table when it comes to books about school shootings. An extraordinary book, with an important message, written and expressed so beautifully Thank you for sharing these characters and this important story with us all, Joseph Moldover Bravo 4.5 I loved this book Having 3 sons, I wasn t sure I could read a story about a school shooting, but it wasn t about the shootingit was about the aftermath or the every moment after which is the aptly named title The relationship between Cole and Matthew was so touching and genuine andimportantly realistic The dialogue between the two of them is exactly how 18 year olds speak to each other I also loved the interactions with the other characters, especially the autistic surviving brother, Paul This book makes you think about things you probably never think aboutthe far reaching, long term effects of a school shooting, without being political It is powerful and poignant insight into survivor s guilt and grief in all its forms, the wreckage left in the wake of such unspeakable violence I am so glad the author chose to leave the details of the shooting out of the narrative, as it was not necessary to the story But as sad as a story as this is, you are left with a sense of hopethat although each character holds within them a deep wound that can never fully heal, their will to survive, to connect, to love and to grow will carry them through their next chaptersand that they will always be supported by each other and by their community I loved this book from the beginning and from every moment after. I received an advance copy of this book and am so glad I did Every Moment After is one of the most genuine and insightful stories of friendship I ve read Set a decade after a devastating incident, it examines the repercussions of that event, looking most closely at how it has bound the survivors to one another The two main characters, Cole and Matt both of whom have rich and distinct voices are tied to one another through a mix of love, need, guilt, and resentment their mutual dependency is set in stark relief as they spend their final summer together and face the need to let go and move on I can t think of another book that depicts so accurately the conflicting facets of friendship, nor one written in such an approachable, compassionate tone I cannot recommend this book highly enough I ve marked its release date on my calendar so that I can buy copies for my friends and family. I got an early reading copy buying for kids in my family when it comes out A good YA book for all kiddos and adults I loved it , but especially boys Yes, it s about the traumatic aftermath of a school shooting all too familiar but the book doesn t feel like it was trying to be timely The difference here, is it s not the immediate aftermath but several years later It s the trauma that creeps up over time after the immediate media show Butimportantly, it s about boy s friendship In an age of bro culture and toxic masculinity, it s an honest look at boys friendships at a perilous time in life I couldn t help but think of my best friend in high school and how we grew apart. This book is so devastating sometimes in the depths of grief and guilt that these teens experience in the wake of a childhood school shooting, each young man affected in different ways There were elements of the story that would hold me back from recommending this to younger YA readers a sexual relationship between an adult and a teen, rather casual attitude toward illegal use of drug prescriptions I don t think the author meant to be cavalier about them, but the teens don t seem to grasp the enormity of it That may be realistic, but the real dangers of those activities could be hinted at Still and all I was drawn in and felt like I really experienced the pain along with the characters.