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I received an e ARC through Edelweiss Plus in exchange for an honest reviewJoan of Arc has been a fascinating figure for many centuries for many people There s not many known of her as a person, what we know of her is claim to be chosen by God, her subsequent role during the 100 years war and her eventual death Many fascination rests on the fact she was a simple farmer s daughter, whose role and place were defined strictly at her time, and yet she managed to lead an army towards victory This book offers an insight through Joan s mind from her childhood to her death Unfortunately, it felt monotonous in many places It is written in verse, so many aspects are skipped and not explained in details I love the reflection on the role of women and how she was hated basically because she was a girl and didn t fit the role she was supposed to be I think verses are a great medium for this But to tell her story as a whole, of her experiences and battles instead of her thoughts, this writing style just doesn t fit and removes a lot from the reading experience. 3.5 5 starsThe Language of Fire is a Young Adult version of Joan of Arc told through verse.This book is divided into eight parts and tells the story of Joan of Arc The book starts with a very long foreward explaining the actual story.Before reading this I wondered if the verse would be extremely complex But the book is written quite simply, in very short chapters And it was easy to understand.The narrator is Jehanne how the author refers to Joan of Arc The book comes across almost as non fiction But I guess it is a combination between actual facts and how the author imagined things happening But truthfully when I saw that the book was called Joan of Arc Reimagined I was sort of hoping for a different type of retelling Maybe a contemporary setting Or the author completely re imagining Joan s life But that is not what this book is at all.Overall, I definitely enjoyed the way this story was told It was a very interesting way to tell the story It is basically the retelling of a famous historical figure told through verse.Thanks to edelweiss and Balzer Bray for allowing me to read this book. #FREE DOWNLOAD ⚛ The Language of Fire: Joan of Arc Reimagined ñ The Language Of Fire Is A Lyrical, Dark, And Moving Look At The Life Of Joan Of Arc, Who As A Teen Girl In The Fifteenth Century Commanded An Army And Helped Crown A King Of FranceThis Extraordinary Verse Novel From Award Winning Author Stephanie Hemphill Dares To Imagine How An Ordinary Girl Became A Great Leader, And Ultimately Saved A NationJehanne Was An Illiterate Peasant, Never Quite At Home Among Her Siblings And Peers Until One Day, She Hears A Voice Call To Her, Telling Her She Is Destined For Important Things She Begins To Understand That She Has Been Called By God, Chosen For A Higher Purpose To Save FranceThrough Sheer Determination And Incredible Courage, Jehanne Becomes The Unlikeliest Of Heroes She Runs Away From Home, Dresses In Men S Clothes, And Convinces An Army That She Will Lead France To VictoryAs A Girl In A Man S World, At A Time When Women Truly Had No Power, Jehanne Faced Constant Threats And Violence From The Men Around Her Despite The Impossible Odds, Jehanne Became A Fearless Warrior Who Has Inspired Generations I should ve guessed this book would be a little heavy, but I m shocked at how much it hit me Such a unique blend of history, fiction, and faith Honestly makes me wish for female led scripture stories Not only did I learn a lot, but Jehanne s personal and endearing narrative combined with a unique writing style and hard hitting tale makes for powerful storytelling 4.6 5 This book begins when Joan of Arc, in her early adolescence, first hears the voice of God assigning her the task of helping to end the Hundred Years War, and continues up to and beyond her death Told in the format of a verse novel, the book reimagines the rise of a well known historical figure in a way that feels completely fresh and full of the kind of details that are often discarded when discussing the almost mythical leader An excellent retelling. UM YES PLEASEJoan of Arc is the best Long but good Pair with Elliott s Voices Even if I can t changethe direction of the wind,why must I agreethat foul air smells sweet The Language of Fire is a fascinating novel It recounts Joan of Arc s life from her childhood to her early death and fills this myth of a girl with so much life and detail.It does all that in verse form which is a fascinating writing style in itself and which works beautifully in this context.Though the plot sometimes drags and the battles and journeys weren t as interesting to me as I would have liked, the story is still incredibly unique and teaches the reader about Joan Jehanne and her life as well as the situation France was in at the time Verse form is perfect to visualise her prayers conversations with God and herself and while I m not religious myself and never felt any connection to that topic I found Jehanne s thoughts deeply relatable.Her story is moving and many parts of it still resonate today This novel can be very dark not surprising when considering the topic and some poems are viscerally real but it still left me hopeful I received a copy of this book via Edelweiss Blazer Bray Plot twist she diesWhy have I never read verse before this year It lends itself SO WELL to historical fiction I really liked the start of this book especially since her family life is not something I ve really ever heard of I also loved how this showed how heavily manipulated faith was in order to suppress women Also, big shout out to the author for simplify the Hundred Years War and complex political conflicts into like 3 digestible pages at the beginning. Stephanie Hemphill explains in a note before the book begins that she chose to call Joan of Arc Jehanne because that was how she referred to herself Also, like her other books, this is a novel in verse.I didn t know very much about Joan of Arc before reading this book Young girl hears voices from God, leads an army, burned at the stake, eventually canonized I m over twice her age now she was martyred at 19.Another thing I didn t know is that she started hearing voices technically, she heard from three saints at 13 I can t even imagine how terrifying that must have been or how hard it would be to find the courage to believe that you re really supposed to lead the French army and get the correct person on the throne It d be hard enough to believe it today, but back in the 1400s when women didn t do anything but get married and have kids Hard pass.While I learned a great deal about Jehanne while reading this, it didn t feel at all like homework She was a trailblazer although I don t think she would ve agreed with that assessment she felt she was just doing what God wanted As Stephanie Hemphill pointed out, she s the only female warrior most people can name and the only woman who saved a country who wasn t born into a royal family She was actually a peasant It s an amazing legacy, but it s also than time for there to be multiple examples of this.At any rate, I loved this book and hope to read about Joan of Arc.