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I want to thank NetGalley for sending me and advanced digital copy of this book.In this second chapter to the Impossible Times trilogy, we follow the characters of the previous book going through math, paradoxes and nerdiness The plot unfolds from where the first one had stopped, answering many questions but also asking for I was pleasantly surprised by this book, and by this whole series in general Although I don t necessary like new young adult books, I love a good sci fi trilogy, especially when it has a good amount of scientific lingo The dd part is just a bonus I don t want to give up too much about this one, as it would spoil the first book but I love the writing style and the story line, even though I still think there is some potential that has not been completely developed in this series I wonder how is the third book going to continue the story, since this one seemed pretty much the ending Overall, a very enjoyable read I went through both book one and two in three days Defensively not easy to put down. More time travel craziness mixed with a little less DD and a little paradox Final review a joint review with Kat Hooper at FanLit first posted on Fantasy Literature As Limited Wish begins, Nick Hayes, the 16 year old math genius that we met in One Word Kill you need to read it first is being pursued by a pack of drunken Cambridge students bent on beating him up It s 1986 and Nick has just been enrolled at Cambridge, thanks to the notice of Professor Halligan, a brilliant mathematician who recognizes Nick s potential What Prof Halligan doesn t know is that Nick has to invent time travel so that when he s older he can come visit his teenage self in the late 1980s and, in so doing, save Mia, the girl he thinks he loves and has a future with.But there are several major problems with this scenario Worst 1 Nick has no idea how the mathematics of time travel might work, especially when you throw in the time paradoxes he s experiencing, and 2 Mia has dumped Nick Other significant problems include the hazing that Nick is undergoing at Cambridge, the weird instances where he seems to perceive time fragmenting to create multiple potential futures, the fact that he s met another girl, Helen, who he s very much attracted to, and some dire news he receives from his oncologist At this point, Nick is fairly confused and realizing that he may have screwed up his future entirely He needs to get it back on track if he hopes to survive to save himself and Mia.Some visitors from the future one familiar character and one new one, Eva, who has a surprising connection to Nick complicate this process further, especially since they re from incompatible futures If that s not bad enough, another vicious enemy appears who s tasked by a shadowy investor with keeping Nick on task with his scientific research, and who begins to take an unhealthy interest in Nick because of certain events from One Word Kill And have we mentioned that the universe is trying to kill Nick It s nothing personal, Eva assures Nick, just physics Mark Lawrence s IMPOSSIBLE TIMES trilogy is reminiscent of and possibly a celebration of 1985 s best movie, Back to the Future. It s full of time paradoxes and competing versions of the past, present and future that shouldn t be examined too closely you ve just got to deal with it The number of hard to swallow coincidences, like a second villainous Rust brother, and the overload of problems and challenges faced by Nick, are hand waved away as all part of Nick becoming a lightning rod for changes and paradoxes that the universe wants to prevent Logically it s hard to swallow, but if you can roll with it, it does make the story exciting.We re still concerned about the plot issue that Tadiana mentioned in our review of One Word Kill we re simply not convinced that the first instance of time travel, the one that created all these problems for Nick and his friends, ever needed to happen in the first place So far, the suffering and confusion that has resulted doesn t seem worth it We re hoping Lawrence is going to convince us otherwise by the end of the trilogy but at this point we re doubting it, and will reluctantly chalk it up to some extremely unadmirable selfishness or blinkered thinking on Nick s part.Fans of One Word Kill will surely enjoy Limited Wish Other than the change in setting and the addition of a few new characters, it is an expansion of the story in One Word Kill and the prose, characterization, and dialog continue to impress us We love how Nick talks about the way mathematics underlies the structure of the universe T here are fabulous beasts that swim in the seas of mathematics Multidimensional behemoths of incredible beauty that even the best of minds struggle to glimpse The equations we battle with, the proofs that we use to nibble at the edges of such wonders these are the shadows cast by those we hunt.We also love the retro feel of the novel and Kat, especially, can relate to these characters since she was also starting college in the fall of 1986 And she will admit to occasionally, like Nick, wallowing in teenage misery while listening to Sisters of Mercy though she didn t have as compelling reasons as Nick The titles of the IMPOSSIBLE TIMES trilogy cleverly blend Nick s personal life with the Dungeons Dragons game he plays with his friends on the weekends The title of the first book, One Word Kill, refers to Nick s cancer diagnosis Limited Wish, another spell used in Nick s DD game, reflects Nick s realization that he can t have everything he wants in life Some things are going to have to be sacrificed It s also a metaphor for the idea that sometimes a small wish, or change, can have a major impact, which plays out in an intriguing way in the plot The final book is titled Dispel Illusion and will be released in November We are wondering what illusions will be dispelled Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC Content note scattered F bombs and violence. 5 10 STARS This book will make you go round and round and round in a never ending loop of paradoxand fall down dead ahead twisteris what I like to call itTime heals all wounds Sam offered the old clich Time causes a lot of them, tooJ.D Salinger wrote, What really knocks me out is a book that, when you re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it That doesn t happen much, though. but when it does, it s an author who feels fabulously familiar, who understands you in a wondrous way, who you know you would have the most terrific talk withand every time, every time, I turn the last page of a book by Mark Lawrence, that wish descends upon me like a vicious falcon, that cunning cruel creature, would upon its vulnerable prey Limited Wish is the best sequel forOne Word KillI, this mulish maniacal meretricious mortal who would read anything the malefic munificent meritorious Mark would write even pure poignant poetry which he actually has and which are azure, ardent, and amazing , could have hoped for Note did I seriously just do that We humans care about what is, about what s in front of us Untouchable realities are too academic If a man is starving to death on our street we empty the larder to feed him Move him to a country a thousand miles away and our compassion shrinks a hundredfold.With his exquisite, flowing, and memorable writing that utterly traps you in its tale, throwing away the key yay I stopped doing it , and his glamorous gratifying grasp on anything from love, cancer, and humanity, to mathematics, physics, and paradox, and his incredible ingenious imagination to shape a singular strong story nopedidn t stop , and with his tremendous talent in teaching to simplify the most complex concepts,Mark Lawrencehas created magic in this book than ever before And I know that is a paragraph of praise, but it s true.A good mathematical proof is a gem It sparkles in the same way, and like a diamond it s impervious to time It takes and multiplies the light of understanding, refracting it through many facets.There is the likely possiblity that this book might give you a headache, but in a good wayOne Word Killwas much simpler and stood as an introduction to accustom the reader to the concept, aiming to explore its complicated and fascinating side in the sequel s and thus there is science in Limited Wish, and it s a unique book to truly challenge your mind, but you shouldn t worry the author makes it all impossibly easy As Jane Austen said, if a book is well written, I always find it too short. and in this case it is too short So I strongly suggest you pre order it right now, because you are in for a ride unlike anything before.Full review to come CompanionsBooks in seriesOne Word Kill Impossible Times, 1Book playlistDisfigured by Rag n Bone Man Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics Daydream by Ruelle Dream Is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer Instrumental Life in Her Yet by Rag n Bone Man Bitter End by Rag n Bone Man How much did I like One Word Kill Enough that I actually paid real money to get a copy of Limited Wish And yes, the third one Dispel Illusion has been ordered.I love puzzles And most books that involve time travel are something of a puzzle for me, as I handle the story and turn it this way and that looking for the flaw in the tale But, just as happened with One Word Kill, I could not find a place to dig in my fingernails and say, There it is The mistake in the plot But before I got to the take it apart and see if he made a mistake part, there was an engrossing tale to read Some of my favorite elements in this book Intelligent characters who make sensible choices, crises of loyalty, explorations of time and the universe, and large slices of human nature on display This is a quick read Only 214 pages It has now joined the other Mark Lawrence books on my shelf.For maximum enjoyment, read One Word Kill before Limited Wish. A perfectly awesome time travel tale served up on a platter of fun DD mirroring, future knowledge angst, time ghosts, paradox, and mathematical hijinx that does than skirt the edges of a heist novel.Again.But don t worry While this may have a lot of the same elements of the first book in broad strokes, the story ramps up with some rather awesome snags that aren t just romantic And even the other kinds of encounter mirroring is fully explained in the recesses of the paradox Very cool stuff, well thought out, delightfully fast read.And it is fully taking advantage of our recent loves of Stranger Things 80 s geekdom and quick paced thrillers Only, this is a math genius cancer sufferer going to college a bit early and falling face first into a ton of critical failure rolls Well worth it I m absolutely loving the hell out of these. What a wild ride Limited Wish was full of adventure, mystery and adrenaline Limited Wish hooked me in hard and fast from the very first page, in fact I think I even enjoyed it than its predecessor, One Word Kill, which I also loved Nick s story continued, and not content with battling cancer, and being a maths genius, he also started Cambridge University at the tender age of 16 That s not even the strangest thing that happened This book took me on a whirlwind adventure, involving time travel, paradoxes, creepy villains, like seriously that train scene creases in the fabric of time, and the possible destruction of the universe Oh is that all you say My heart was racing throughout the whole of this book, I was on constant alert, with the shocking twists and revelations My head did nearly explode with all of the maths and science, but it was done really well so that even non geniuses like me could follow and understand Although, I often felt like this, Limited Wish still had the great feel that the first book had, centred around Nick and his friends, and they still played D D I loved the friendships, and the love and support they had for each other Amongst the action, science and maths, there was the usual teenage angst and relationship dramas There was some great dark humour too, mostly from Nick, as he had to deal with his ongoing cancer, violence and the universe, well trying to kill him I actually lost all my highlighted quotes, but one that stood out to me was when Nick said, My dad used to say that he didn t love my mum because she was perfect, he loved her because her imperfections were a good match for his Truly I was captivated by this mind bending tale, and found myself simultaneously wanting to race through it, and yet wanted to take my time so that it didn t end too soon Now I just have to wait desperately for the final book Highly recommend Many thanks to NetGalley, Publishing UK and 47North for the opportunity to read the ARC ahead of the release The paradoxA great book, and great continuation of the story I am not a great fan of time travel books, but I think this is one of the stories that got things right.Since the last story a lit has happened Nick is looking to make his mark on the world, but also looking to fulfill his destiny and mission from the last book However now all his relationships are different Can knowing you future bring it about or make it harder and less likely A great story, very emotional in parts hilarious in others but enjoyable all the way through Nick explores of the aspects of time travel as well as the consequences I guessed who a couple of the new characters were, but the book did keep me guessing on what was to happen next till the last page Excellent book, I can t wait for the conclusion. Limited Wish, book two of the Impossible Times trilogy, is a highly enjoyable and heady sci fi adventure with heavy emotional beats Although this book takes a bit longer than One Word Kill to have its full scope be revealed, the mind bending paths that we re being led through becomes a twisty and challenging puzzle that deepens as the story progresses Exploring the implications of the characters actions and their ripple effects through various timelines is as impressive as it is complex Yet Lawrence does an admirable job interpreting these rule breaking time travel theories and making them quite clear for the reader to follow The book itself is a paradox in a sense, as it is simultaneously a light and heavy read Romance, role playing games, and challenges at school help to shape Nick s coming of age tale, yet it also asks the reader to contemplate advanced mathematics and physics theories, time loops, paradoxes, universal energies, and the potential existence destroying possibilities that stem from it all Although Lawrence outlines some of the bigger concepts in as clear a way as possible, I still recommend spending a bit of extra time to think about and absorb each new fold before continuing Like any good book, you get out of it as much as you put in, and I found myself pausing and doing a bit of extra research to consider some new angles of where the story might be headed And if any book makes me want to research math and physics on my own time for fun then that s a pretty damn good compliment to the author Limited Wish shares a fair amount in common with its predecessor which, considering the plot, is entirely expected, but also serves as a bit of a detriment Once again, the DD game emulates Nick s real life dilemmas or perhaps his dilemmas are emulating the game A few of the story s beats feel familiar, which may be an unfair dig at a story that involves time loops and paradoxes But it s a small gripe when weighing it against how damn entertaining this story is These books are relatively short, but make the most of their pages by creating strong characters that leave a lasting impact on the reader, and a furious pace that will force you to want to read this story in just a sitting or two With only one book to go, and many questions raised than answered, I can t wait to see what Lawrence has in store for the conclusion. I m intrigued by a book that it s making me feel even dumber than I am `Free E-pub ⇧ Limited Wish ↡ One Choice Two Possible Timelines And A World Hanging In The BalanceIt S The Summer Of And Reluctant Prodigy Nick Hayes Is A Student At Cambridge University, Working With World Renowned Mathematician Professor Halligan He Just Wants To Be A Regular Student, But Regular Isn T Really An Option For A Boy Genius Cancer Survivor Who S Already Dabbled In Time TravelWhen He Crosses Paths With A Mysterious Yet Curiously Familiar Girl, Nick Discovers That Creases Have Appeared In The Fabric Of Time, And That He Is At The Centre Of The Disruption Only Nick Can Resolve This Time Paradox Before The Damage Becomes Catastrophic For Both Him And The Future Of The World Time Is Running Out LiterallyWrapped Up With Him In This Potentially Apocalyptic Scenario Are His Ex Girlfriend, Mia, And Fellow Student Helen Facing The World Ending Chaos Of A Split In Time, Nick Must Act Fast And Make The Choice Of A Lifetime Or LifetimesGame On