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3.5 StarsI m not really into YA stories but I wanted to try this one because of the blurb I didn t expect so much romance but I expectedtension between MCs and I wanted it to beangsty it waslike a cute story despite its subject matter So it wasn t that spicey for me and it dragged a bit BUT I loved the last 30 35% It had all the things that I needed angst and romance My other issue was with Brain s parents They were unbelievable Told in dual POV, 1st person It s a standalone novel Overall, it was a good read and if you like young adult, I think you would enjoy this one 3.5A thought provoking read,a YA love story born from a tragic event.Coming from the UK where the last school shooting was back in 1996 after which the ownership of handguns was banned I found this a difficult read.Due to the subject matter the book was always going to have a sombre feel to it but out of all the darkness there was a quite beautiful story of two young men who,in a different life might never have got together.From the blurb the reader is well aware of what is going to happen and the Author powerfully portrayed the event that would have such a strong impact on the characters lives.In the aftermath of tragedy Brian and Landon formed a powerful bond that was totally believable a connection that was so strong.What I loved, Landon,what can I sayI adored that boy.His strength,and determination to stand up for what he believed in and his love for Brian.The Author created a truly special character in him Landon s two friends and his wonderful parents were brilliant supporting characters who played their parts in the story so well.Issues I had what didn t work for me, Brian s father.I found it hard to believe his views wouldn t have changed after what happened to Brian.There wasn t an ounce of compassion in him and I hated the way he treat Brian the reveal of the shooters and the manner in which they were revealed was a bit too fanciful for me.Overall I mostly enjoyed it An Arc of Boy Shattered was kindly provided to DirtyBooksObsession in exchange for an honest review. This review is posted on DirtyBooksObsession @READ KINDLE Í Boy Shattered ⚣ Brian You Ll Make It Out Of Here, Brian I Swear I Had Everything School Quarterback, Popular With Girls, And My Dad Was Proud Of Me I Told Myself It Didn T Matter No One Knew The Real Me And Then I Nearly Died Landon Saved My Life He S The Bravest Guy I Know He Came Out A Few Years Ago, Proud And Fierce, And He Ran Into Gunfire To Help Others Me, I M A Mess Can T Even Stand To Be In A Room With The Curtains Open But Here S The Thing About Losing It All You Get A Chance To Start Over And Be Someone New Only How Can I Move On When The Two Shooters Who Attacked Our School Were Never Caught And Why Do I Feel Like I M Still In The Crosshairs Landon Will You Kiss Me When I Came Across Brian Marshall,the Hottest Guy In School, Dying On The Cafeteria Floor, I Did What Anyone Would Do I Tried To Save Him His Request Surprised Me, But I Figured He Needed Comfort, So I Kissed Him On The Forehead When He Survived And Came Back To School, He Was Broken In Body And Mind He Still Needed Me, And Soon We Were Unlikely Besties But What I Saw At School That Day Woke Me Up I Want To Demand Action On Gun Control, Lead Protests, Raise My Fist I Ll Tear The World Down If I Have To And If I Can Get The Man Of My Dreams And Save The World At The Same Time I Ll Take It Only I Didn T Understand That The Horror At Jefferson Waller High Wasn T Over 5 StarsI ve always been a huge fan of Eli Easton s stories, but I honestly feel like Boy Shattered is her strongest work to date, both in terms of content and delivery This would have been a damn difficult story to write, on countless levels hell, it was a difficult story to read so I can t even begin to imagine what Easton went through professionally and emotionally to write such a book, but she has my utmost respect and praise for the final result.Obviously, a story centred on a school shooting is not fun or fluffy reading, especially in this day and age where mass shootings and the never ending gun control debate are such hot topics of political discussion, even reaching far beyond the borders of the USA where the issue seems most prevalent Yet, I feel like Easton was able to approach this truly distressing premise, with its extremely complex and contentious themes, in a way that was both authentic and respectful.The story was certainly brutally shocking and heart wrenching at times, especially during those initial chapters which chronicled the events of the shooting itself, yet I ultimately came away from this experience full of love and hope and a belief that good will always outweigh evil, so it wasn t all doom and gloom There s a beautiful love story here, too, which, although not the main focus of the story, was still a very sweet and uplifting element that keep all the darker stuff from ever getting too heavy or distressing The MCs, Brian and Landon, survived a traumatic experience together, yet with each other s endless emotional support and comfort they were able to rebuild the broken pieces of their lives, becoming stronger,political conscious individuals, who just happened to fall in love during their emotional journey to healing and happiness There is no denying this was a tough story to read, but my absolute adoration of both Brian and Landon as characters as survivors, advocates, friends, and eventually boyfriends paired with some great writing and one hell of an emotionally gripping plot, made this an instant favourite and one I would highly recommend to my friends. Two gay boys eyeing each other with secret interest across the divide of high school hierarchies and the closet Until horrific violence shatters their lives, leaving them both adrift In the aftermath, they find that the best thing they have to cling to, is each other.The topic of school shootings is a really tough one to do justice to to give it the serious intensity it deserves without descending into angst that could feel exploitative I think Eli Easton did a very good job of making this story about these two boys, their community and classmates, and parents By anchoring the story deeply within the characters, it feels real and emotional but not overdone This is not a topic that can be addressed without coming down to some degree on one side or other of the gun debate Easton s side is pretty clear, and is the one I agree with Again, I feel this was done within the context of the plot and characters There s not much nuance here, but the passion of the characters carries the message, and I think fairly represents the voices of many of our young people I appreciated that this is also a YA book where adults are present and involved, and where trauma is very realistically addressed.And in the end, the relationship and growth of the two boys who are our main characters gives the book a welcome sweetness to counterbalance the pain Homophobia is balanced with acceptance and support There are good people in here, and a light at the end of the darkness I was one of the people who beta read this book, so by policy I won t rate it But I do recommend it, with trigger warnings for gun violence, PTSD, death of children, homophobia, mental health issues. Wow, I am truly impressed by this story.It wasn t necessarily an entertaining romance, as it deals with a high school shooting and is highly political which is unusual for a m m story.I too agree with the characters about the gun laws in the US being ridiculous So many things are to blame when it comes to finding a reason behind such a terrible act of violence, but giving the general public access to weapons is certainly a key factor in enabling such incidents again and again I wonder when the people in charge finally see that Boy Shattered starts out with an ordinary day at an ordinary high school Things are as annoyingly boring as always Brian Marshall, handsome quarterback and dream boyfriend of probably 90% of all female students is hanging out with his football pals as usual and Landon Hughes, one of only very few openly gay students at the Jefferson Waller High School, is having lunch with his circle of friends The two interact briefly by coincidence It is slightly awkward the school s most popular guy running into the queer dude All in all a typical day at a high school Until it isn t Until out of the blue gunshots echo through the walls of the building and students run for their lives Caught in a dead end in the cafeteria, Brian is shot along with dozens other students that day But his story doesn t end there And out of the tragedy and gore of that most terrible of days in the lives of these teenagers, a romance between two boys becomes possible that not only shakes up the lives of their families and friends, but tries to address a bigger picture in the political scheme of things Survivors standing together to make sure that no other high school, no other innocent children will ever be subject to a random crime as the Jefferson Waller Shooting.Based on and humbly referring to the terrible incident of the Parkland shooting, this is the story of Brian, a repressed youth who has to cope with the aftermath of being shot, of the killers not being caught and of living with a family who neither backs down from praising guns after he almost died from a bullet, nor accepts him for who he is, concerning both his ever present fears that now lurk in the back of his mind and his homosexuality that he needs to keep hidden in order not to anger his right wing father His only beacon of hope is Landon, his savior, his love and Landon s supportive family who stand by Brian s side in his darkest moments.The book is many things a YA romance, a psychological drama and a crime story that has Brian obsessing himself with finding the killers that almost took his life, while trying to cope with his boyfriend s urge to speak up in public against guns, making himself a target to all the alt right lunatics out there.It was also an incredibly powerful coming out story I literally cried for and with Brian.I rarely call a m m romance educational, but I think this book is one that should be read by many, many people Unfortunately, the ones who should read it the most, will likely never touch it.However, this isn t the story s fault, because as a piece of romantic fiction, I definitely rate it as a5 star favorite Absolutely wonderful.A thoughtful and beautiful portrayal of surviving a tragedy and falling in love We never see the train wreck coming Is that a blessing or a curseThe topic, a school shooting and its aftermath, is gripping and the way Easton approaches it felt fresh.Great POV, a terrific cast of characters, with a fast pace, Boy Shattered sucked me in and wouldn t let me go until I d turned the last page Recommended Advanced Review Galley copy of Boy Shattered provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews. What is wrong with me When Brian Bri Marshall 17 was dying, Landon Lanny Hughes 17 18 A senior saved his life This changed it all It was a complete wake up call Brian feel like a coward, Landon feel like he needs to doand together they can breathe Overall, though the book was heartbreaking and sad because unfortunately, this had happened in real life it wasn t for me It s so hard for me to relate, even though it s written very well, so in the long run, things became boring, sad but boring And sorta predictable I suck, obliviously This isn t to say that my didn t get teary, because they did More than once It was just that though it s beautiful and inspiring to see someone heal after such a tragic event, the book itself tended to be boringWe were nothing to you on that day.Those precious lives were nothing to you.Targets to bring down.Faceless, nameless sheaths for your bullets and your impotent rage.When one human being kills another human, it is not just lives that are snuffed out.It is faith itself Trust Sanity It is normality, safety, laughter, the mundane.Hearts and minds, love and respect, comprehension Expectation Ease Comfort.The gift of being carefree Of optimism Of joy.This is what you took from us, from those who died and those who survived.The day we shattered Shattered by Brian Marshall OTHER CHARACTERS Madison O Reilly and Josiah, Landon s best friends since their freshman year Lisa Marshall 13 , Brian s sister Jennifer Jen Smith, Brian s ex girlfriend Jake Neanderthal Man , Brian s best friends since sixth grade They d been on baseball, football, and basketball teams together for ages, always watching each other s backs Jake was a defensive linebacker for The Wall view spoiler Died at the shooting hide spoiler I wasn t sure that I wanted to read Boy Shattered, and, to be honest, it was a tough read all the way through I picked a bad day to start it, a day when I already felt bleak, and it did not make my mood any better However, I think Eli Easton wrote an important book, and a really moving love story I m going to start off with things you should know before attempting this book.If you ve read the blurb at all, you ll know at least some of these things It s important to know that the story is painfully angsty and sad It is also YA, so there is little to no on page sex Eli Easton can write some steamy stuff, but this isn t in that category Also, trigger warnings gun violence, children dying, homophobia, PTSD.I really fought with myself over this story I have school aged kids, and gun violence is something that keeps me up at night in cold sweats Did I really want to subject myself to a fiction story surrounding that very topic Turns out, I did I loved the heavy, atmospheric style of Boy Shattered It is a weighty story, but one that has moments of lightness, and the overall feeling is of something that is really powerful After reading a number of fluffy stories, it felt good to sink my teeth into something real, even though it was my worst fears come to life The romance was also truly lovely It was a pure, sweet first romance mixed with all the pain and terrible angst born of tragedy It was a bright spot for me in the story, and I loved the innocence and weariness of these two MCs The pacing of the romance was also just spot on There was also a mystery aspect that I didn t love, but I, in general, hate suspense and mystery I always read who the killer is before watching any movie where people die, and so not knowing who was behind the shooting was torture for me, and I don t enjoy torture All in all, if you have the emotional fortitude to read something painful but beautifully gripping, you should try this one Just go into it knowing what to expect and you ll reap the rewards Copy provided in exchange for an honest review goodreads instagram twitter blog This book is a Young Adult, Romantic Suspense story with m m leads.It s definitely one of my angstier books, but there s plenty of love, light, and hope in the book too.This is an entirely fictional account set at a fictional high school, but I was inspired by Parkland and the amazing Parkland students who have risen up to protest gun violence I hope I did the subject justice.Eli