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!Free Ebook ☣ Manifesto ⚆ A Heavy Gold Wristwatch, A Diary Passed Down Through The Ages, And A Letter Of Warning From Christian S Neighbor That S All He Gets From The Elderly Man Who Just Died A Few Days Prior And The Warning Is Simple When You Travel Backward Through Time, You Incidentally Delete A Full Microsecond From Existence, Causing A Ripple Felt By A Vigilant Policing Agency Far In The Future When You Travel Backward, You Need To Work Fast Because They Now Know Where You Are And They Re Coming For You With The Intent To Kill You Christian Steele Was Only Six Years Old When He Heard About A High School Kid Who Shot And Killed A Dozen Elementary School Students Who D Been Enjoying A Field Trip At The Zoo A Year Later, He Read About A Similar School Shooting On The Internet Over And Over Again, His Empathetic Heart Kept Getting Shattered By The News Of Another Child S Life Cut Short For No Reason At All Empathy Calls On Anger And Vengeance When Christian Inherits A Device That Allows Him To Go Back In Time All He S Ever Wanted To Do Was To Save All Those Children All His Vengeful Heart Ever Wanted Was To Shoot The Shooter Before He Could Hurt Those Kids He Was On A Mission Now To Undo Every Single School Shooting In All Of History, But At What Expense How Far Would He Be Willing To Go To End All The School Shootings Brought To You By The International Bestselling Author Of The Mystic Saga, Dominion, Beyond The Event Horizon, Maelstrom, Endeavor, And His Newest Acclaimed Series The Ani Maxima Files With Over , Books Downloaded Worldwide, Scott McElhaney Continues To Prove That Reasonable Kindle Prices Do Not Have To Mean Poor Quality EDITORIAL REVIEWSMcElhaney S Story Telling Is Deft, Well Paced, And With An Ear For ConversationAkron Beacon Journal Book ReviewThe Author Does A Good Job Of Sucking You Into The Moment And Feeling As If You Are The Main Character The Technology And Scenarios Are Realistic Enough For This Sci Fi Fan And If You Like A Good Storyteller, Mr McElhaney Knows How To Do ItTopReviewer, Hall Of Fame Reviewer, And Vine Voice Michael Gallagher GivenOut OfStars OverTimes On From Various Readers Of The Mystic Saga Good time travel fiction that makes you really stop and think I really enjoyed it and I m hoping there s a continuation since the book leaves a little room for a possible sequel.