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Whew It s the first that I ve read a romance story that revolves around two oldies When I got to the part when they got all hot and steamy, I almost stopped reading the book because it s like I m imagining my parents doing the deed urgh But aside from that, what i like about it is that after how many years that they have been separated and the heroine having been married and had children, they still gave themselves a chance at happiness A second chance. I Loved ItI found this book by Sharon Sala by accident and I m so glad I did It has everything Love, loyalty, patriotism and the couple who found each other after forty years I seldom find a book where the h h are older But in the final analysis I read anything S S writes. WOW I read this in a day To be honest I do not know if I am giving a book 5 stars because the characters are older, or if I m giving this book 5 stars because I think it would be a FABULOUS movie Normally I prefer the book to a movie but honestly I think this would make a better movie I m surprised I haven t seen this happen yet Think Kevin Costner and Renee Russo Honestly, this would make a really great movie For those who have read it, the part I wasn t crazy about was the front hall scene Sorry, but at 50 even in the best of shape you are going to look for at least a rug on the floor It makes me so happy to see authors writing about lovers over 50 We all age. This is the first Sharon Sala book I have read and based on this book, will definitely be reading by this author Well written with an overall credible story line Nicely paced Though I have to agree with another reviewer that the location of the first sex scene was just a bit hard to believe given the ages of the two main characters Cara and David Other than that, kudos to this romance author for giving us a great story about two people finding, or rather re finding, their HEA and second chance in their 50s I picked up this book particularly because of the cover showing two mature characters Would love to see romance authors give us stories with both primary characters at middle age when couples can indeed have strong sexual drive and great chemistry. A great read FAMILIAR STRANGERI love this author s books, each one is a sweet surprise to be explored As I read this book I could picture the men who protect us, the way David, the hero did in this book Lovely story. Sempet tidak percaya di beberapa halaman awal Sempet maju mundur untuk memastikan aku nggak salah baca OMG, hero dan heroine nya udah umur 50an akhir Bahkan heroine nya udah punya cucu Is this for real Langsung ngecek ke goodreads, dan begitu ngeliat covernya, barulah aku yakin p Tapi karena udah terlanjur mulai, dan kayaknya menarik, saya teruskanlah membaca If you re expecting hot scenes, forget it Di sini malah aku berasa kesan manis dan damai Karena itulah yang Cara dan David rasakan ketika akhirnya mereka bisa berdua lagi Terutama buat David, yang akhirnya bisa menemukan rumah dan keluarga untuk pulang Tidak bisa menahan air mata di adegan waktu Bethany tau bahwa David itu ternyata bapaknya Huhuhuhu terharu aku Kasian juga ama Om David yang begitu kesepian Nggak kebayang juga kalo jadi Cara, tau bahwa orangtuanya sengaja nahan surat surat David dan ngirim artikel pernikahannya dia dan kelahirannya Bethany ke David, pesan terselubung buat David bahwa nggak ada tempat lagi buat dia di kehidupan Cara Dan David, memutuskan mundur dan membiarkan orang orang berpikir dia udah mati 40 tahun terbuang sia sia 40 tahun Sempet berharap permusuhan David dan kakaknya, Frank, akan berakhir indah, dalam arti Frank melupakan dendamnya dan tobat Tapi itu bakal klise banget Meskipun agak deg degan juga, I know si Frank nggak bakal ngapa ngapain Cara dan Bethany, dua orang terpenting dalam hidup David Agak syok juga bahwa akhirnya Frank mati di tangan adiknya sendiri Fiuh Meskipun tokoh tokohnya udah umur 50 akhir, nggak ada kesan tua banget di sini Malah dari cara Sharon Sala menggambarkan keduanya, saya jadi berharap saya bisa punya hubungan seperti itu nantinya dengan suami saya Agak lucu juga sih ngebayangin tokoh tokohnya udah seumuran orangtua saya dan masih heboh soal performa di tempat itu Hahahaha rasanya geli sendiri Agak dipertanyakan sih bagaimana bisa mereka tetap berhubungan badan segitu hotnya mengingat biasanya umur umur segitu kan udah menopause Tapi jadi inget kata kata teman saya, bahwa sebetulnya itu nggak ada halangan umur Mental manusianya aja yang kadang menghalangi kemampuan manusia Setelah baca Jackson s Rule, Amber by Night dan ini Familiar Stranger , jadi makin pengen baca buku bukunya Sharon Sala Kayaknya dia sukses bikin cerita yang menurutku biasa dan simpel tapi sekaligus juga nggak biasa. WowSharon Salas always writes such wonderful stories.I try to read them as soon as they come out.Waiting for the next one. Yet another great read but for very different reasons than the last novel The heroine believed the father of her child to be dead, so when he reappears again, it s quite an emotional ordeal I was shocked by some of the revelations in the novel and while I couldn t read into it as well as other novels, it was still an amazing read Sharon Sala has some amazing talent out of what I have seen so far. `DOWNLOAD BOOK ☘ Familiar Stranger (A Year Of Loving Dangerously) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 1082) ↙ THE AGENT SPEAR S Top Gun, A Man Deeply Shrouded In Mystery THE MISSION To Find His Heart Again Before He Fights His Last Battle THE SOUL WRENCHING REUNION Once He Holds Cara Justice In His Arms, Will He Ever Let Her Go He Was The Only Man She Had Ever Loved The Father Of Her Child The Soldier Cara Justice Believed Dead Now He Was Back, Older, Yet Just As Ruggedly Handsome As He D Been Years Ago, When They D Said Goodbye Passion Drove Them Together Again, Though Duty Tore Them Apart For He Had One Final Battle, And He Would Either Fight To The Death Or Return Home A Hero, Ready To Claim His Woman Once And For All A Year Of Loving DangerouslyWhere Passion Rules And Nothing Is What It Seems