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c2002 A really unusual read picked up from a charity shop Courtesy of murder express Anchoress begins as a story on two levels Set in the 1960s, a British Catholic priest, Michael Duval, is writing his fictional biography of a fourteenth century woman named Christine Carpenter who, as a result of trauma induced by sexual abuse, has entered a convent and asked to become a solitary nun She is granted her wish to become an anchoress and locked into a small, dark cell where her daily needs are met by the other nuns and her family, but she must remain entombed alone in prayer Actual letters written about Christine Carpenter in 1325 are now posted on the walls of the church at Shere However, her fictional biographer is devising his own understanding of her motivations and prophesies Paul Moorcraft 1948 studied at both University of Pretoria and University of Harare. #Download ⛅ Anchoress Of Shere ¹ Anchoress Of Shere Is A Compelling Crime Story, Set In Two Different Centuries It Depicts The Story Of A Beautiful Woman, Christine, As She Is Walled Up Alive In A Church The Location Is Shere In The County Of Surrey, England The Historical Records, Which Still Exist, Put The Date At The Twentieth Century Chronicler Of The Fate Of Christine Carpenter, The Anchoress Of Shere, Is A Deranged Catholic Priest, Father Michael Duval Gradually, Two Separate Sagas Unfold The Bizarre World Of The Middle Ages Centred On Christine S Entombment, And The Abduction Of A Young Woman, Marda Stewart, In Guildford, Surrey, In In A Series Of Exotic Twists The Medieval World Of Knights, Debauchery, Peasant Uprisings And Civil War Merges Into A Modern Hunt For A Serial Killer The Final Piece Of The Puzzle Is Discovered In The Late SThe Tragedy Of The Anchoress Is Based Upon Historical Fact, Yet It Is Also An Exploration Of The Most Dramatic Themes Of Today The Power Of Belief, Sexual Freedom, Spiritual Bondage And The Individual Search For Self FulfillmentAbove All, This Is A Gripping Adventure Story Of A Love So Obsessive That It Spans Than Six Hundred Years 11 NOV 2013 the Lord of the Manor deserves a fist in the face Review coming soon. I loved this book murder mystery that leaps from the history books of real anchoresses who walled themselves in churches to pay their lifetime of respect to GOD to a modern day obsessed man who is enthralled with the story of a specific anchoress It s a pretty easy read along the lines of thrillers but i especially appreciated how the story was told and the attention given to the historical aspects with a suspenseful tie in to the future One of my faves Based in rural English town of Shere, a mad priest is consumed with fantasies about a medieval woman the anchoress who was entombed in the village church, broke her vows to be with her sister who had suffered under the Lord of the Manor and then was re entombed Desiring to re create the anchoress, the priest begins to write her story as he imagines it A concurring story of the disappearance of the young Marda Stewart in 1967 is entwined with the story of Christine Carpenter the Anchoress of Shere.This is a chilling story of madness, medieval and present day. This was quite a disturbing book, not just because of the subject matter a Catholic priest becomes a serial killer in an attempt to create a holy woman in the modern world, emulating a 13th century anchoress but also in how the female character fared after her ordeal The story behind the anchoress was interesting, but as it was all imagined by the killer priest, it isn t a true story That s a pity, because I d like to know about the real anchoress who inspired the book. Es un libro extra o, pero interesante La idea de las ancoresas no se como traducir esto me parece fascinante y me era absolutamente desconocida El autor consigue, mezclando el pasado con el presente, una novela que se lee del tir n, sin alardes literarios pero suave y ligera hasta el final. Loved this book and its set in the most beautiful village in the UK Visit the church to see where Christine Carpenter was an anchoress. Very bizarre book But okay.In a very small town in England named Shere, a priest has embarked on a mission to chronicle the life of an actual historical figure, Christine Carpenter, known as the Anchoress of Shere The catch is, that in his version of the story, he makes up a fictional life for her, one of pain and suffering before she entombs herself in a small cell adjoining a church where she is never to venture forth into the world again, in order to seek redemption and to become Christ like All of that is well and good, whatever, poetic license is not a crime But, he finds that without a real life Christine figure, he has writer s block and cannot proceed with his manuscript So he chooses a young woman living in the town who is seemingly all alone, alienated from her family, as his next Christine I say next, because as Marda his victim finds out, she has not been the firstAn intriguing story, and I think it could have been a lot better had it been a lot in depth Granted, by the time you finish reading the story you are well aware of the priest s delusional mind but everyone else, including the victim, seems to be very cardboard ish.I liked it it is a good piece for mystery fans who like stories about obsession leading to heinous crime.