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[[ Download E-pub ]] á Nightwalkers â Nightwalkers A Co Op Zombie Survival Io Game With A Bunch Of Weapons, Crafting, Constant Players An Unique Mechanic Noise Generate Too Much And You Ll Be Spotted By Zombies Build Your Defences And Survive The Incoming Apocalypse Nightwalkers Jouez Gratuitement Nightwalkers Sur Jeu Jouez Nightwalkers Etjeux D Action Et D Aventure Soyez Prudent Car Il Y A Des Zombies Partout Vos Actions Feront Du Bruit Qui Les Attireront T Nightwalkers Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisTraductions En Contexte De Nightwalkers En Anglais Franais Avec Reverso Context That Makesdead Nightwalkers In The Last Week Nightwalkers SGCommand FANDOM Powered ByNightwalker Forgotten Realms Wiki FANDOMNIGHTWALKERS Io Iogamesve NightWalkers Io Is A Zombie Survival Game Set In The Modern World What Makes It Unique Is The Noise Mechanic Most Actions You Make Will Create Noise Which In Of the few novels I read in a given year, I do enjoy those written by P.T Deutermann, a fellow Naval Officer and friend Pete has seldom missed a beat in writing a great thriller, but by that I mean a thriller that is realistic enough to be believable there are seldom a car chase or wild stunts by superheros Pete does his homework and knows his subject as well as the locale where he sets his story Nightwalkers takes place near the NC Virginia line just outside a small antebellum town not too much unlike where he and his wife live As one who has lived and visited the South, I enjoy the settings and the fine people who speak with a slow drawl This book has a bit of history intertwined through the plot It makes me want to go revisit those small towns and country roads where it is not unusual to find informational signs telling you that there was a battle fought here a long time ago as well as a small cemetery where the remains of soldiers lay from wars still very much in the mind of those who live along those country roads Pete has intertwined this setting and the people who are probably very much like his neighbors into a fun read who done it. 5 starsCam Richter is a retired police department Lieutenant who now owns a private detective agency He has kept up his good relations with the various local police departments in North Carolina He buys an old Civil War era plantation and plans to live and eventually retire there With him he takes his faithful and dedicated German Shepherds It is not long before he learns that all is not well at his new home There are the strange Lee family who lives across the way They are all stuck in the 1860 s and fully dress the part He acquires a ghost, someone from his past wants to kill him and makes some attempts before Cam finally shoots the shooter But that doesn t solve his problem Someone is out to blame him and is seeking revenge for something, but Cam doesn t know what.Also nearby is the site of a massacre that occurred during the Civil War Some of those killed are buried nearby What follows is an exciting read as Cam follows the clues to discover the origin of the strange goings on in and around his home This is a very well written and plotted novel I haven t read P.T Deutermann for ages and I forgot what a very good writer he is The characters are so very interesting, especially Cam and the Lee s that live across the way The odd family made me smile The writing is smooth and the transitions are flawless I truly enjoyed this book and will certainly look into reading of Mr Deutermann s books. This was my first Cam book, but won t be my last. I took a shot at this one, and really liked it I don t think I ve read another novel in the Cam Richter series, but it was great The main character runs and investigative agency but is settling into a retirement of sorts on an antebellum plantation The neighbors continue to live as close as possible to the civil war period and have plenty of eccentricities Suddenly Richter becomes a target, but has no idea who s the culprit and why they re playing the games they are This is definitely a page turner and easy read with plenty of mystery and action I appreciate that the main character is a dog lover as well I would have given five stars but was able to figure out the basic mystery ahead of time It was still an enjoyable path to finding out the details though I ll look for another in this series.