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@Read Epub Ø Smacked ¹ For Six Years Melinda Ferguson Was Driven By One Motivating Force The Next Hit For This, She Would Abandon Her Promising Film Making Career, Lose Her Comfortable Suburban Home, Her Husband, Her Two Children And, In A Gruelling Finale To Six Years Of Remorseless Self Destruction, Herself Rescued From The Maw Of Hillbrow S Drug And Prostitution Underworld, Melinda Not Only Survived, But Recovered To Tell This Harrowing Tale Of How An Intelligent, Middle Class Girl From Joburg Hits Rock Bottom, Face First, And Claws Her Way Back To Redemption I don t enjoy misery memoirs, and found large chunks of this honest, easy to read account of the author s drug addiction and eventual recovery relentlessly harrowing hence 3 instead of 4 stars I started reading it because I know the author, have addicts in my familial genepool, and wanted insight I kept reading because even as the story got and wretched, the writing had a sparkle and a flow that keeps the eyes racing over the pages Recommended for everyone wrestling with addiction their own, or that of loved ones also, an effortless read, not intimidating or preachy at all. One never quite understands how a person can be addicted to drugs or alcohol After reading this book I sort of decided not to be too judgmental on people that have addictive personalities I think this book also spurred me on to stop my smoking habit of 28 years If some one can give up drugs, I certainly could try to stop smoking I have not touched a cigarette for 2 years and hope never too either but you never know. This book will shake you to your very core This is a very brave, very raw account of the life of an addict At times I wasn t sure if I could push on any further as the no holds barred storytelling burns shocking imagery into your imagination with every page Every parent should read this It will remind you to never say never. An emotional onslaught It took me 8 days to read this 8 days of crying Sniffling Reflecting Questioning 8 days of Girl, why you gone on and did that to your self 8 days of wanting to claw at the words and BITCH SLAP Melinda 8 days of Hey, this life is challenging enough with a strong body and mind, why do you weaken yourself like that.Melinda gave me a harrowingly chilling account of her drug filled life in the underbelly of Johannesburg, Hillbrow Why do they call it Little Lagos beats me Maybe it is the chaotic disorderly mess that it isI read this with a held breath till page 141 when Melinda s kids are literally ripped from her Then I exhaled My heart was full of joy Joy at her babies getting the nourishment needed to create and sustain healthy bodies Joy that her boys will now have a fighting chance at life Joy that her boys will grow up surrounded by functioning adults doing normal life sustaining tasks Like eating Having a positive purpose Joy that someone loves them enough to put them first.A bittersweet moment for Melinda I thought that it was going to be a wakeup call for her A defining moment where she realises that this is it This drugging has to stop This is the time that she reclaimed her life.But she went on 6 weeks of madness Utter uncontrollable chaos A death wish A twisted satanic cry for help Was she trying to mask the hurt of having her kids taken away from her by her mother in law I first read 6 Weeks In Hell in the Sept 2001 edition of True Love magazine and I was shocked beyond measure Shaken to the core My kids were toddlers then, 5 and 2 years old I must admit that I was disgusted by Melinda s behaviour Selfish I shouted at the article Children are demanding at any age They require that you be sane enough, sober enough, motivated enough to handle your business in order to handle their business I remember that I concluded that Melinda had White girl problems The kind of problems one has when one has too much money The kind which require you to take time off your life in order to address them The kind that requires tens of thousands of rands to be sorted out In hindsight, I realise that I was a bit haste in my judgement.I loved Melinda s honest account Her drug filled existence couldn t be called a life A life is full of promise, hope, a better tomorrow Her drug filed existence was so fast Even the narration demands that one reads in a fast pace I guess drugs do that Your life literally passes you buy Your days are about getting drugs and getting high That s it The END But she lived to tell the tale.The recovery period was slow, long and painful I was hit by the phrase Getting clean and staying stopped Willing your body and mind off the drugs every second Minute Hour Day Week Months Years The narrative is meaty and wordy I coud feel her reclaiming her life Her senses I felt her detetmination to be, to have and to do better I felt her wanting better for her body and soul in order to be a better mother, daughter, sister, partner and employee I was rooting for her and squealing in delight when she went on a solo trip to Mozambique Melinda, it is truly in acknowledging our weaknesses do we embrace our strengths.Addiction at any form takes so much away from a person It especially roots out your self confidence, your self belief It weakens everything about you It is a disease of CAN Ts You become dysfunctional.Rebuilding her life one brick at a time Waking up with a clear plan Remembering to perform minute ablution tasks Eating for nourishment Willing her mind to think positive thoughts one syllable at a time Planning to work at it and WORKING THE PLAN.A true account of beating addiction Living your best life and working at beating addiction one day at a time.Highly recommended 5 PHAT STARS.NB An academic was heard at a literary festival saying that IF SOMEONE SAYS THAT THEY VE READ YOUR BOOK IN A SINGLE SITTING, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID.