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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚇ The Kunming Project ⚕ For Some Years, Kunming, A Provincial Capital City In China Million Inhabitants Has Been The Twin City Of The European Metropolis Zurich As A Direct Result Of This Partnership, Kunming Now Has The First Inner City Bus Line In China, The First Large Scale Conservation Of A Historical Part Of The Town, And New Concepts For Urban Development At A Regional Level This Pioneering Collaboration Between Western And Chinese Planning Teams, And The Experience Acquired In Managing Urban Development Projects, Are Not Only Significant For Kunming, But Of Importance For All Countries Interested In Sharing The Expertise And Knowledge Of Professionals, Whether From East Or West, North Or South The Challenge Lies In Reconciling The Traditional And Historical Background Of Large Asian Cities With Their Zeal For Progress, So They May Benefit From Western Technology And Practice But Avoid Repeating The Same Mistakes On An Even Larger Scale