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I own this book and I have read it twice over the last two years. The description of the book says it is about a school shooting, but believe me it is about much more. I have never seen a book or any other medium do such a good job showing how widespread bullying is in Western culture; the book not only shows that bullying is widespread but it shows that bullying is accepted and expected because being strong and being able to take care of yourself is part of growing up; and part of growing up is learning how to fight back and stand up and take care of yourself; almost like bullies are a good thing and a vital part of society. That mantra seems to be the Western belief. "Don't be a baby. Stop whining. The same thing happened to me when I was a kid. I got over it."

Anyway, back to the book. The author brilliantly has all the important characters being bullied in the story, right down to the cop working the case. He shows bullying in the workplace as well as in the schoolyard. He shows bullying among parents. He shows it all over and each character deals with the bullying a bit differently and ends up with a different situation at the end.

A Thousand Cuts. You begin to see how pervasive it all is. This is a great book to read. The characters are realistic (you will recognize people you have met and you will remember situations you have been in) and the plot and story are compelling. (((EBOOK))) ⇻ Rupture ⇨ Rupture Dfinition Simple Et Facile Du Dictionnaire Rupture Dfinition, Synonymes, Citations, Traduction Dans Le Dictionnaire De La Langue Franaise Dfinition Fait De Casser, De Dfinitions Rupture Dictionnaire De Franais Larousse Dfinitions De Rupture Fait, Pour Quelque Chose, De Se Rompre, Sous L Effet D Un Effort Excessif Ou Trop Prolong Ou D Un Choc Rupture D Une Digue Fait, Pour Un Tat, Une Action, D Tre Interrompu Brusquement La Rupture Des Ngociations Entre Deux Tats Rupture FilmAlloCin Rupture Est Un Film Ralis Par Steven Shainberg Avec Noomi Rapace, Michael Chiklis Synopsis Une Mre Clibataire Lve Seule Son Fils Un Jour, Ce Dernier Est Enlev Par UneComment Surmonter Une Rupture Amoureuse Marie Claire Lorsqu Une Histoire D Amour Ne Fonctionne Plus Et Que Les Sentiments Ne Sont Plus Au Rendez Vous, La Rupture Amoureuse Est Gnralement La Seule Solution Traumatisante, Libratrice, En Douceur, Rupture Conventionnelle Service Public La Rupture Conventionnelle Permet L Employeur Et Au Salari En CDI De Convenir D Un Commun Accord Des Conditions De La Rupture Du Contrat De Travail Qui Les Lie La Rupture Conventionnelle Rupture Conventionnelle Ce Que Dit Le Code Du TravailRupture, Tous Les Synonymes Synonymes De Rupture Abandon Abolissement Abrogation Cart Clatement Annulation Antagonisme Arrt Bris Brisement Brisure Brouille Brouillerie Cassage Cassure Csure Cessation Changement Clash Continuit Coupure Craqre Crise Dchirement Dchirure Ddit Dnonciation Dsaccord Dsagrgation Dsunion Dtrioration Destruction Discorde Dispute Dissension Dissentiment Rupture S Claire Marin Babelio Rupture S Est L Un Des Essais Les Plus Mdiatiques De , En Raison De Sa Thmatique Videmment, Mais Aussi Pour La Qualit De Vulgarisation De L Auteure Qui Rend Sa Philosophie Accessible Tous Le Thme Est Tellement D Actualit Que Je Ne Sais Mme Pas Par O Commencer Even with disturbing tales of student suicides evoked by ruthless bullying screaming from recent headlines, few of us are willing to delve into the unremarkable daily tortures behind the spectacle. Lelic brings the issue of bullying—in the school and in workplace, by children and adults—home with his unsettling, penetrating debut novel. Through his protagonist, police investigator Lucia, he asks, “Why was the onus always on the weak when it was the strong who had a liberty to act? Why were the weak obliged to be so brave when the strong had license to behave like such cowards?” His characters are unremarkable and average—which makes their inaction, their cruelty, all the more chilling. Through cutting prose, he masterfully evokes the gutwrenching betrayal that bullying victims feel when their cries for help go unanswered, and authority tacitly endorse, or even encourage, unspeakable barbarism. A Thousand Cuts leaves you with the disquieting question: what do we cause when we scorn the weak and plea ignorance in the face of cruelty? This is a story about a school shooting done by a teacher, an intriguing premise. The shooting has already happened as the book opens, and we learn about the players and events through the police investigation of the crime. The author uses an interesting format: interviews by the police of witnesses told in monologue form, and then a narrative form to advance the story. The monologue form used in the book was so gripping, powerful and often chilling, that the narrative form fell flat in contrast. We learn that bullying of both student on student, and student on teacher, was rampant and vicious and made moreso by a school administrator who, with full knowledge, allowed it to happen. As an example: A teacher playing goalie in a soccer game between students and teachers is first publically humiliated by having his pants pulled down by two students on the playing field, and is then deliberately fouled during gameplay by the same two students with a tackle that breaks his leg. And yet the principal does nothing to censure the student/culprits, and instead takes issue with the teacher/victim.

There is a parallel storyline involving the investigating police detective, a female, being ‘bullied’ (more accurately an aggressive sexual harassment) by her fellow male detectives that I felt was an unnecessary distraction from the main storyline of the school shootting, and thereby detracted from that. Because once again, it is hinted that the police department head is cognizant and somewhat complacent about these interactions of his officers. And then the cherry on top: The female detective is ultimately given enforced leave for her aggressive investigation of the school, students, and administration, while her fellow detectives remain uncensured.

It just felt very heavyhanded, needlessly so. Such a different style for a crime novel. A serious story of bullying & all the effects it has in a major trickle down. Although some say these ideas were too exaggerated or maybe even unrealistic they certainly helped drive the point home for me. I’ve read numerous books on school shootings & they’ve all stuck with me long after finishing. I’m a huge fan of SL & this did not disappoint. Paolo Bacigalupi (The Windup Girl, Shipbreaker, The Drowned Cities) blows me away; when he commented on Twitter he was reading someone named Simon Lelic I made a beeline for the library. And by great good luck my local had a copy of A Thousand Cuts, Lelic's debut novel.

Ostensibly this is a murder mystery about a British police inspector investigating a school shooting. The shooter, a firstyear teacher, fired upon students and faculty at an assembly, killing three students, a colleague, and then himself. Much of the story unfolds through witness statements collected by the inspector, but as she gets more involved with the case some of the chapters describe her working and personal life.

Very quickly, I realized this was a story about bullying. It is endemic at the school and ignored ... no, tolerated, even encouraged ... by the headmaster. The new teacher, the man who finally snapped, was the subject of particularly brutal bullying, unable to stand up to it, and unable to get anyone to take action against the bullies, student or faculty. What initially appears to be an open and shut case suddenly appears less so when it emerges that a bullied student had been brutally attacked, and part of his face cut off with a knife, just a few days before the shooting. The inspector tries to get at the bottom of the sickness infecting the school, but her superiors just want her to go away. As we get into the personal and working life of the inspector, we learn that she herself is the frequent target of a male colleague's bullying.

It is Simon Lelic's gift to be able to show readers how intimidating and awful sustained bullying can be, how it can rob life of all pleasure and inspire a daily sense of dread in adult and child victims alike. I count myself lucky I haven't encountered much of this sort of thing in my life; Lelic is convincing enough that I now believe I understand why some victims of bullying commit suicide.

I'm not just impressed with Lelic's story. I'm impressed with his writing. Those witness statements I alluded to earlier rival the best of Elmore Leonard's inspired dialog. Lelic has a great ear. I had the hardest time putting this book down for even the most urgent breaks; I would literally take it to the bathroom with me. I skipped meals in order to keep reading.

In short, A Thousand Cuts is gobsmackingly good. Simon Lelic joins Paolo Bacigalupi and David Mitchell on my short list of buyeverythingtheywrite authors. There's been a lot of hype about Simon Lelic lately, especially on social networking sites. Personally, I hate it when authors just don't live up to the hype; but I hate it a whole lot more when they do! Rupture, I have to admit, is truly excellent.

A London school is reeling in the aftermath of a savage act of violence. Apparently without warning, the history teacher walked into school assembly, shot three pupils and a teacher, before turning the gun on himself. For the school authorities and the police it's an open and shut case; the teacher had problems, it was a terrible tragedy that couldn't have been foreseen. Just one young, female detective inspector is determined to look further, to find out why the teacher behaved in the way he did, and whether the person to blame for the deaths might not be the man who pulled the trigger.

Rupture is beautifully written, alternating from the DI's point of view, with the statements of various witnesses. The language is immediate and striking, with each new chapter coming as a fresh surprise. The characters are excellently drawn with some real nasties but Lelic's greatest achievement, to my mind, was presenting the "villain" as a sympathetic character from the very beginning.

I gave four stars rather than five because, to my mind, there were a few unanswered questions at the end, and some of the scenes of sexual harassment felt a little overdone. Also, this type of psychological thriller isn't really my thing. But if it's yours, I thoroughly recommend Rupture and I will definitely be reading Lelic's other books. A THOUSAND CUTS by Simon Lelic is not what many of its reviews claimed in 2010 and 11.

Booklist says in its starred review, "Lelic wastes not a word in this searing indictment of a culture inured to cruelty."

But that is not true. In every witness account of what led to and the day of a mass shooting, pages and pages of this book are nothing but wasted words that had nothing to do with anyone or anything that mattered to the story.

Neither is this book "fast paced," as a "Most Helpful Customer Review" on amazon.com calls it. To the contrary, it is excessively wordy in its witness accounts mentioned above. But it is not fast paced mostly because all the accounts of bullying and descriptions of sexual harassment lead to nothing.

Not a single character in this book is believable, and most seem exaggerated. Bullying and sexual harassment are real problems that need no exaggeration.

This is an honest reader review. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this book was a slow burner because it took me 3 days to read (which is unusual) that was purely because it’s the summer holidays and my 5 boys were constantly distracting me.
I was thoroughly enjoying the story, the style of writing, the witty one liners, and the very important hidden meaning to this story, it could easily have achieved a 5 star ratinghad the ending not been so disappointing. It sort of just came, without warning, almost mid chapter, and left me reeling.
That is always so annoying!
Alas I can only award this book 3 stars, but it hasn’t put me off Simon Lelic’s work, I do believe he’s very talented and I do believe that although this book was written some 8 years or so ago, it’s a very current subject and something which is brushed under the carpet all too often. I just wish he had spent longer on giving it a more conclusive and satisfactory ending. This book was not what I expected at all. It made me view things in a totally different way that challenged my ideas and my moral compass. It was an excellent book in many ways that it’s impossible to believe that it was the author’s first novel and the ending... dear God, it just leaves you wanting more.

It’s an excellent representation of bullying, over powered authorities, sexism, cruelty and harassment. 100% recommended.