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My favorite of Dianne s books so far The pictures are fabulous and the story has you thinking you can acutally hear the sounds of the bayou Wonderful bedtime or anytime story for children and parents to share. Take a sound filled tour through the bayou as the animals that live there prepare to sleep Using the repeated phrase of Mama s by you on the bayou the book moves from animal to animal offering the sounds they make Crickets chirp, frogs slurp, snakes hiss, mosquitoes skeeters buzz, and Every few pages, there is a double spread given over just to the accumulated noises of the animals These small breaks in the pattern of the book keep it from being too rhythmic and also give readers a place to pause and consider the noises of the night.De Las Casas has written a book that is a lullaby directly from the bayou to you Her use of repetition is nicely done Also the cumulative nature of the animal noises makes for a fun read Stone Barker s illustrations are done in cut paper collages The papers have dimension and texture, offering a depth that is exciting She also uses deep colors of night very successfully.A lovely way to celebrate the sounds of the night whether listening to the mosquitoes in the bayou or all the way north in Wisconsin We do have fewer crocodiles though Appropriate for ages 2 4. I loved the cut paper illustrations They totally made this book The animals were portrayed beautifully, there was an animated spark to their features even though they were pretty realistic I liked that they weren t overly cartoonish The story was pretty sweet, and I can definitely see this as a bed time story I would recommend this book Taken from my book reviews blog A simple, repetitive text that introduces the reader to the animals of the bayou in a comforting, lulling sort of way. With paper cut illustrations and a fun interactive rhyme throughout the book, this is a wonderful addition to any child s library or primary classroom A great depiction of the sights and sounds for sure. Reminds me of the other book I got about Louisiana, but the paper illustrations are better. We re down on the Bayou and the night is alive with chirping crickets, croaking frogs, hissing snakes and buzzing flies Thankfully, Mama s by you on the Bayou rocking you to sleep using the white noise of this symphony of swamp sounds Reading this book to babies is a great idea because of all the sweet, rhythmic sounds you ll make with chirping and buzzing and soft, lulling noises Even with a little clapping, snapping and hissing, this is still a quiet, gentle book, perfect for bedtime reading.The illustrations by Holly Stone Barker are incredibly interesting My daughter loved the dragonflies on the inside covers I found the different types of materials and textures that make up the cut paper collage look to be mysterious and intriguing, and I loved the details like the real hay The dark blues truly set the mood for the curiosities of the Louisiana bayou and the friendly faces of swamp frogs and smiling crocodiles keeps it fun and non scary.Dianne de Las Casas is a truly gifted author and my favorite voice of Louisiana stories, including two favorites of ours, The Cajun Cornbread Boy and Dinosaur Mardi Gras Spice up bedtime with this Cajun bedtime tale Read at www.diapers and daydreams.com ^Epub ↸ Mamas Bayou ⇩ A Lullaby From The Beautiful Bayou As The Crickets Chirp, Frogs Sing, And Mosquitoes Drone, Dusk Falls Across The Bayou Mama Rocks Her Baby To The Soft Symphony As The Animals Get Ready For Bedtime Illustrated In Beautifully Detailed Cut Paper, This Soothing Chorus Introduces Children To Animal Sounds And Lures Them Into Peaceful Slumber