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He took a fabulous and fascinating history and junked it up with a whole lot of bullshit Total waste. @EBOOK Ó The Death and Life of Miguel De Cervantes ⚶ The Facts Of Cervantes S Life Cry Out For The Epic Treatment Found In His Comic Masterpiece Marlowe Gives It To Us The Backdrop Is Renaissance Europe, A World Alive With Creative Ferment, Triple Crossing Intrigue, And The Passionate Quest For Novelty Lofty Tragedy And Lyric Poetry Still Reign As Queens Of The Literary Arts, But Young Writers Heady With Ambition Seek Live Action To Give Substance To Their Teeming Imaginations It Is Scoundrel Time, And The Novel Is In Gestation To Enter Cervantes S World We Cross A Threshold That Is Shakespearean And Quixotic Into A Metaphysical Wonderland Where Time Expands To Become Space And Vast Vaulted Distances Bend Back On Themselves, Where The Threads Of Fiction And The Strands Of History Shuttle Back And Forth In The Great Loom Of The Artist S Imagination Marlowe S Cervantes Is A Towering Creation Flesh And Blood And Living Legend, Actor In And Creator Of The Events In His Own Fantastical Life Story He Not Only Survives War, Prison, Torture, And Poverty, He Survives Death Itself, Growing Inexorably Toward The Writing Of Don Quixote, Which Would Bring Both Him And His Character Immortal Fame Stephen Marlowe has a definite flare when it comes to historical fiction His magical realism often explodes into full blown, delightfully fanciful fantasy which, for the most part, is very nice and comes across fine in this novel, though in his Lighthouse at the End of the World , it can get a bit muddled and confusing If you like swashbuckling adventure stories worthy of the exploits of Don Quixote himself you ll love this book very creative..biography..sort ofBe surprised Originally published on my blog here in February 2001.This trendy at the time novel takes the known facts about the life and background of the creator of Don Quixote, adds fantasy and knowing humour of a style reminiscent of both Salman Rushdie and John Barth and comes up with an enjoyable story.Miguel de Cervantes certainly lived a full life In the Spanish army at the battle of Lepanto, captured by Algerian pirates, reprieved from execution which begins the novel, hence the title , imprisoned several times, anathematised by the church, write of one of the most famous novels of all time To this, Marlowe adds a career as a spy, infatuation with his sister, and a mystic mentor who is the Arab writer whose work the introduction to Don Quixote claims Cervantes translated as the novel It is a rich mixture, and it is occasionally rather annoying, with various not particularly subtle ironies involved in the narrative.The novel s main problem is that Marlowe is too conscious that he is being clever The prose frequently seems to be saying Look at me , and this is tiring In small doses it is enjoyable, and Cervantes is at least interesting to read about.