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14 yr Gray his family have moved to a new town, new school, but Gray cannot overcome a flaw that allows others to pick on him He was already suspended from his last school for bringing a knife But taunting words deeds take their toll on Gray he doesn t share w those in charge and Gray once again resorts to violence to end the teasing Excellent scary read neat set up with interview from jail with lawyer. This book is intense and impressive and very grim The author actually made me see things up to a point from the view of a teenager who is in jail for a school shooting The writing style itself is a little clunky, but the character development intrigued me.Gray is trying his best to start over in a new town But some things never seem to change like being unable to please his father, no matter how hard he tries, or the fact that he invariably seems to be a magnet for school bullies While the reader can t sympathize with his final actions, I think we do see how Gray is brought to the point of mental breakdown, as everything he cares about is slowly taken away from him over the course of a school year His pain and bitterness are so raw, and the cruelty of those around him highlights the fact that this kind of violence doesn t occur in a vacuum At so many points, other people had the opportunity to make a critical difference in this boy s life and none of them did He becomes nothingthan a tragedy, and by the end of the book we cannot relate to him at all, almost as though he is no longer human. Read Ebook ⚒ Endgame ⚇ A New Town, A New School, A New Start That S What Fourteen Year Old Gray Wilton Believes As He Chants, It S Gonna Be Better, Gonna Be Better Here But It Doesn T Take Long For Gray To Realize That Nothing S Going To Change There Are Bullies In Every School, And He S Always Their Punching Bag Their Brutal Words, Physical Abuse, And Emotional Torture Escalate Until Gray Feels Trapped In A World Where He Has No Control, No Support Systems, And No Way Out Until The Day He Enters The Halls Of Greenford High School With His Father S Semiautomatic In HandAward Winning Novelist Nancy Garden, Author Of The Groundbreaking Novel Annie On My Mind, Once Again Goes Out On A Limb, This Time To Show Readers The Cruelty Of Bullying And The Devastating Effects It Can Have I liked this book for the insight that it offered me as a teacher of middle school students and what they expect from us in bullying situations I don t know what I would ve done differently if I was Gray s teacher, but the story gave me a lot to think about.Gray is probably representative of so many kids these days, but he just took it to the next level when he didn t think anyone could or would help him He was a likable character and I really liked how Garden made the ending so realistic and believable to what would probably happen in real life It lets kids know that violence is not an out or the magic wand to cure everything, and hopefully it lets them know that they need to keep trying to get the adults in their lives to help them.I think everyone that has any contact with middle or high school students should read this book. Perhaps I would have enjoyed thisif I hadn t read it on the heels of Freeze Frame, another book about an emotionally numb teen boy who has killed when the book opens, then recalls the events leading up to the tragic event Both books suffer from detached protagonists who take a hundred pages to warm up to, and Garden s Gray Wilton was theremote By the end, I was caught up in the tragedy of the shooting, but the first 150 pages were slow going.There are some things to recommend Endgame it is easy to follow, the characters are distinct Because Gray is a freshman, it probably works best as a novel for 8th 10th graders. I read this randomly I went into my library at my school and randomly chose it It is my new favorite book I can relate to the problem Gray has, bullies I have been a victim of bulling since I was a young child We are both bullied by jocks and I can relate to him There are days that are good and then there are the days where I want to kill every single person who ever laughed AT me This hit home for me and I cried when I read it I was terrified to laughed at the humor in the book because of the problems Gray had endured What with the death of his best friend, Barker, and how his father almost said her wished Gray died instead, I would want to kill myself too Now I m not saying I m going to kill myself, cause I m not, but he felt TRAPPED in his house, his life, his school Nobody was helping him His favorite teacher actually laughed when he saw Zorro, the bully, messing with Gray That is not helpful I understand what Gray went through. Endgame is fast paced book which puts you in the shoes of a bullied kid Throughout the book he getsandfrustrated with his school bullies zorro and johnson until he snaps.I like how Garden took you through the back stories of Gray as well as the future with his attorney Falco,she introduced characters and made them active in the story there were very few static characters One thing i didn t like was a lot of unnessessary fill in parts to connect the story but over all it was good.If your a reader looking for a book thats fast paced and thrilling and that has you still guessing what is going to happen next then I recommend just reading a couple pages as it will pull you in. Wow All I can say is there needs to be a cure for bullying Seriously Bullying these days isn t just some big dopey person pushing a kid around who can be stopped with a punch in the nose any than hazing is just forcing people to swallow a fish.These days it s serious, it s intense cruelty that can follow a kid home to places like Facebook and the like.Something has to be done.That aside, this book was powerful, disturbing and sad It shows that bullying can lead to things like suicide and school shootings.Something really must be done about it. Many of my regular readers will give this book four or five stars Many of them will relate to Gray Wilton, the main character, who is relentlessly tourtured by bullies and who feels like he needs to solve all of his problems alone The will connect to the feeling that no one in the adult world is really there for them, and that events in their life might just be hopeless I hurt for him, and as I was reading, I hoped that these things did not happen in my school.Although my students won t like the ending, I think the conclusion served the purpose and audience of the story They can relate, but they won t like it As much of my younger students don t want to admit this, I think it is a common characteristic of teens to hope and believe that someone or something will always come along to save them from a bad situation and make everything OK They don t quite understand that consequences for bad decisions can be severe in the adult world and that not everything can be made to go away.What I couldn t quite believe was Gray s family and the events that brought him to a new school The story boasts a horribly narrow minded, unsupportive, and abusive father, a weak, sympathetic, but not helpful mother, and a perfect yet compassionate but certainly not protective older brother Blah Much of the early suspense was built around a incident that happened at Gray s other school and the underlying cause of why the family moved to a new town The reader spends many chapters waiting to know exactly what that incident was, and how it will shed light on why the family acts like they do towards the protagonist We also expect it to be a precursor to the ending, which we know from the first chapter will land the main character in a juvenile detention center awaiting a trial But no, the discovery is very anti climatic.But the character is real His confused mind is real And his reaction to abuse is real I think it is a good book to recommend to anyone in high school Hopefully they will have the same reaction as I did They will payattention to what goes on in the halls of their schools. After bullying incidents lead him to carry a knife to school, Gray Wilton finds himself suspended, and uprooted Starting High School with a clean slate, and in a new town, he hopes that somehow things will be better in Connecticut Maybe he can try harder, maybe the kids will be nicer, maybe his father will understand.But though he makes some friends, and joins the school band, where he can play drums, it doesn t take long for the bullies to find him Teachers look the other way Ignoring them doesn t make them stop, fighting back only makes it worse, telling makes it worst of all His father is just as angry, his life seems just as hopeless.Throughout Gray s story we feel his pain, and see the world through his eyes, and understand how he came to feel so low And yet even with all said and done he doesn t seem quite able to understand what s truly happened, what he s really done, the impact of his actions.A sincere look into the everyday events of teenage life, and how the actions of those around us can escalate from harmless to deadly when carefully averted eyes refuse to see.