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This was one of the two textbook which I have during my cosmology course in the university The book lacks a lot of illustration in some points like , Neutrino decoupling and CMB fluctuations and also it depends from the early beginning in specific Cosmological model for density contribution Benchmark model which leads me to confuse the result the book got with the result I drive for easier or illustrative model Single component universe mainly But in general the book is very good as an introduction but needs a lot of consulting for the suggested reading after each chapter provide and also need the consult a professor so i don t think it is suitable for self study. Ik kwam tot bladzijde 83 tot de wiskunde me echt om de oren sloeg maar hee wat een leuke dame en wat een leuk universum hebben we. Ryden gives a very good overview of cosmology status 2002 with a good combination of text and math Good to follow for someone who has no phobia for formulas and who is willing to slow down at the quantitative sections to understand how the steps are derived Best are her explanations of abstract notions, some of which now make much sense to me than after reading other texts. This book does a good job building on topics through the chapters to develop in the student both a conceptual and operational understanding of modern cosmology. ( READ EBOOK ) ♂ Introduction to Cosmology ♂ Introduction To Cosmology Provides A Rare Combination Of A Solid Foundation Of The Core Physical Concepts Of Cosmology And The Most Recent Astronomical Observations The Book Is Designed For Advanced Undergraduates Or Beginning Graduate Students And Assumes No Prior Knowledge Of General Relativity An Emphasis Is Placed On Developing The Readers Physical Insight Rather Than Losing Them With Complex Math An Approachable Writing Style And Wealth Of Fresh And Imaginative Analogies From Everyday Physics Are Used To Make The Concepts Of Cosmology Accessible The Book Is Unique In That It Not Only Includes Recent Major Developments In Cosmology, Like The Cosmological Constant And Accelerating Universe, But Also Anticipates Key Developments Expected In The Next Few Years, Such As Detailed Results On The Cosmic Microwave Background Good intro to cosmology.I read this book twice with very different results The first time it seemed confusing The second time, I read it while taking MITs open courseware course on the early universe The course and the book complemented each other and made for a really good experience I also used kindle cloud reader as my reading device rather than the kindle app or a kindle device Both the app and the kindle device do a terrible job with displaying equations The cloud reader doesn t have that problem. I love cosmology and this one in particular is easy to follow. memberi wawasan kosmologi meskipun matematiknya kurang detail very very good book Thus far my favourite textbook Ryden lays down the math and facts, but keeps it colloquial enough to let the physical representation of the mathematics really sink in.